Andy Syrewicze

Technical Evangelist

Andy Syrewicze

(Technical Evangelist at Altaro Software)

I currently have the distinct pleasure of acting as a Technical Evangelist for Altaro Software, makers of Altaro VM Backup. I’m heavily involved in IT community, on Altaro’s behalf, in a number of different ways. This includes being the chief editor of all Altaro blogs, and conducting podcasts, webinars, blog authoring and public speaking.

Prior to that, I spent the last 15+ years providing technology solutions across several industry verticals working for MSPs and Internal IT Departments.

My areas of focus include, Virtualization, Cloud Services, VMware and the Microsoft Server Stack, with an emphasis on Hyper-V and Clustering.

Outside of my day job, I spend a great deal of time working with the IT community, I’m a published author, and I’ve had the great honor of being named a Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP by Microsoft. I have a passion for technology and always enjoy talking about tech with peers, customers and IT pros over a cup of coffee or a cold beer.

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